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Thursday, 21 July 2011



hang out with my BFF.. enjoy watching movie (harry Potter!!!!) at TGV JJ Cheras Selatan and paling best... lepaking kat JCO :) but kali nie bukan minum coffee, try plak yogurt berry (adik kat JCO tuh panggil cik Berry!!!) hahahaha!!! x kisah la.. sweet mcm berry ape?? :P

the movie was awesome and best giler!!!! and touch too :) sob, nangis la sikit.. sikit jeee :)

paling best lepak ngan diorg... sharing stories, sharing some thought.. ambil pengajaran bukan gossip yea :)

legaaaa... at least x de la meroyan seorang diri.. hehe :)

waiting for the next happy-happy before PUASA :)

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